What is EasyLearn?

EasyLearn is an advanced e-learning platform that provides an integrated digital experience for Schools, Colleges and Universities. It has been designed with a motivation to provide an easy user experience, a highly secured platform with the competency to support large data. This product is currently being deployed globally and is being provided as a 'Service,' to impart education. It is easily configurable, and implementable in a less record time. EasyLearn is an ultimate source that provides great knowledge or education imparted by the teachers to the students learning online.


Education For All.


EasyLearn allows its users to get access to digital world.


Respect For Individuals

1. Online education & incubation with emerging technology support will have a widespread requirement in the coming days. 2. EasyLearn is targeted at Incubators, Accelerators, Start-ups, Corporates, Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc. Use our embedded mentoring tools like video conferencing, whitebord, file manager and document manager and have the best learning experience! For more information watch video. OR Get a free Demo today


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